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5 Examples of Cashierless Checkout Done Right at Stadiums

Dive into what cashierless checkout is, how it works, and why it's important to have it at stadiums. Plus! Explore 5 autonomous stores doing it right. According to Oracle, "45% of sports fans have abandoned concession lines at least once in the last year because the wait was too long."...
Photo of Amusement Park

How Autonomous Shopping Solutions Amplify the Amusement Park Experience

Uncover the magic behind autonomous shopping solutions and how they contribute to a more memorable and seamless visit to the amusement park. What's better than the atmosphere of an amusement park? The smell of cotton candy filling the air. The happy screams of park attendees having a blast on the...
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Autonomous Store Trends for 2024: What’s in Store? [Downloadable Guide]

We're sharing expert insights on the top autonomous store trends for 2024 in our latest guide. Check it out! The concept of an autonomous store, along with its practical implementation, has increasingly gained mainstream popularity in recent years. The global artificial intelligence in retail market size is forecasted to grow...
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Game-Changers: Exploring the Impact of Autonomous Stores at Sports & Entertainment Venues [Infographic]

View the infographic to discover the top 8 ways autonomous stores are increasing fan satisfaction and driving revenue growth at sports venues. No lines. No cashiers. No chaos. But we're not just talking about speeding through your local self-checkout at the grocery store. We're talking about the improved fan experience...
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AI-Powered Efficiency: Streamlining Store Operations and Labor Optimization in Autonomous Stores

Uncover the crucial importance of leveraging AI in autonomous stores to enhance efficiency, streamline store operations, and boost labor optimization. An autonomous store without artificial intelligence (AI) is like a peanut butter sandwich, without jelly. Where's the juice? Where's the extra flavor that makes the overall experience better? The integration...
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7 Industry Verticals Perfectly Suited for Autonomous Stores

Is it true that autonomous stores and associated solutions fit more than just a few industry verticals? Yes! Continue reading to discover the top 7 verticals that benefit from autonomous solutions. Autonomous stores, powered by advanced technologies including computer vision and artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the retail landscape. These innovative...
Photo of Computer Vision

Computer Vision: The Guide to How it Improves the Fan Experience at Concessions within Stadiums

Download the infographic to discover computer vision, a field of artificial intelligence (AI), and see why it's the key technology enabling fans and customers to shop without the need for cashiers or other human assistance. Fast. Secure. Cashierless. This is the core criteria today's fans are looking for when it...
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4 Mindset Barriers to Implementing an Autonomous Store & How to Overcome Them

Have you ever considered building a new autonomous store or retrofitting your existing shop to become cashierless? Implementing an autonomous store can seem like a lofty task, but it doesn't have to be! Let us put it into perspective for you. Let's be real-the worst part about shopping in person...
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Fan-First Innovations: AiFi & Mercedes-Benz Stadium Discuss the Impact of Frictionless Checkout on the Fan Experience at ALSD

The 33rd Annual ALSD Conference & Tradeshow held in the nation's sports capital, Indianapolis, Indiana from July 9-11 was a home run. Read on to hear about the event firsthand from AiFi's Head of Sales and Account Management, Americas. Earlier this month, the AiFi team attended the 33rd Annual ALSD...

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