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Easy Checkout for Travel Retail

Travelers have little time to shop before boarding. When they see a line, they’ll walk away from that store. That means retailers at airports are leaving money on the table and that traveler is settling for an experience that could have been better.

Why Aifi Is a Great Fit for Travel Retail

Open 24/7

Travelers Are Pressed for Time


Optimized Labor

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Travelers Have Time

Throngs of travelers are facing a new test of their patience after enduring bag check and TSA security: long lines to buy a burger or a bottle of water.

A nationwide shortage of service industry workers is weighing on airport concessionaires.

Short staffing translates to slower service and reduced hours of operation.

Travelers have limited time. When they see a line, they’ll walk away from that store. That means retailers at airports are leaving money on the table.

AiFi x Deutsche Bahn

When Deutsche Bahn realized it needed to digitize its services to meet the expectations of the young and modern Berlin population and meet demands of increased foot traffic, it turned to AiFi.

The Deutsche Bahn 24/7 ServiceStore powered by AiFi sells cold drinks, coffee, fresh baked goods, convenience products, and features alcohol and tobacco vending machines for the traveler and commuter on the go. The 24-hour, 436 square-foot store enables customers to use the 24/7 ServiceStore Webapp app for entry, purchase, and payment. The store also features Wanzl galaxy entry gates, encouraging seamless entrance and exit to the stores.


The new store demonstrates the company's and country's dedication to innovating the travel experience with advanced technology. The new seamless shopping option provides a fast and convenient experience for travelers that don't have time to wait in line.


Image of the interior of a new Deutsche Bahn autonomous store

Delivering Value To Stores Through Autonomous Retail

AiFi makes retail and checkout experiences better at airports, train stations, bus terminals, and more.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers enjoy a hassle-free, convenient, and cashier-less shopping experience that is available 24/7.

Operational Efficiency

AI solutions enable automated inventory management, streamlined planograms, and fast transaction processing.

Labor Optimization

Retailers reduce the need for excess staff, eliminating high labor costs and optimizing staffing resources.

Deployment is Simple


Meet with our team and design a custom-built plan tailored to your goals.


Install cameras and hardware either with AiFi’s implementation team or with external partners.


Connect software and test integrations to your other store systems.


AiFi conducts thorough testing to ensure 99% accuracy.


Train team members on new capabilities and go live.

Latest Store Openings

Discover the cutting-edge retail experience with AiFi. Here are the latest stores now leveraging our innovative technology.


Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

Stadiums & Arenas

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Parken Stadium

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Brighton & Hove Albion

Stadiums & Arenas

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