AiFi Refresh

Retrofit an Existing Store With Minimal Downtime and Customizable Entrance Options
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AiFi Refresh

Retrofit an existing store with minimal downtime and customizable entrance options. AiFi Refresh enables retailers to affordably and quickly automate their existing stores without the need to install new shelving or disrupt the customer experience.

Benefits of AiFi for Existing Stores

Flexible checkout options and increased efficiency with autonomous checkout.

The technology contributes to cost savings by reducing labor costs and streamlining operations.

AiFi enhances safety and hygiene through contactless shopping features.

The data-driven insights provided by AiFi's analytics can optimize store layouts and marketing strategies.

Overall, adopting AiFi gives stores a competitive edge, showcasing a commitment to innovation and scalability across different store sizes.

Why It Works

AiFi leverages AI for intelligent decision-making, offering flexibility to both customers and retailers, supporting contactless shopping experiences, and providing an affordable and quick installation process.

Customer & Retailer Flexibility

Retain customers and give them the option of choosing between a cashier checkout experience whenever they want, or enjoying an autonomous, contactless shopping journey when in a rush.

Affordable, Quick Installation

Reduce installation timelines and eliminate costly disruptions to everyday store operations with using less cameras than the average market solution.

Deployment is Simple


Meet with our team and design a custom-built plan tailored to your goals.


Install cameras and hardware either with AiFi’s implementation team or with external partners.


Connect software and test integrations to your other store systems.


AiFi conducts thorough testing to ensure 99% accuracy.


Train team members on new capabilities and go live.

What Our Customers Say

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