Frictionless Checkout for Stadiums & Arenas

Frictionless Checkout at Stadiums & Arenas Maximizes Fan Experience & Revenue
Shopping Made Better

Maximizing Fan Experience

AiFi’s camera-only frictionless checkout experience allows fans to purchase items in-store without having to wait in line or stop to scan and pay.

Why AiFi for Stadiums & Arenas

No Lines

Improved Fan Experience

24/7 Convenience

Increased Basket Size & Revenue

Serve More People

Today’s Fans Want Retail Solutions

Food and beverage concessions at stadiums and arenas have always been an integral part of the game day experience. But as technology advances, so do the ways we shop. 30% of global fans believe being able to stay in their seat is the most important way to improve the food and beverage experience at the stadium, closely followed by faster transaction times.

A win for the fans is a win for the home team. Here are 4 game-changers for stadiums & arenas:

Reduced Overhead Costs & Improved Labor Optimization - Retailers reduce the need for excess staff, eliminating high labor costs and optimizing staffing resources. Autonomous stores, on average, significantly lower labor costs by 60-70%.

Increased Throughput - Autonomous solutions provide fans with streamlined ordering and payment processes and reduced waiting times. As a result, fans are able to rapidly move through concessions, increasing throughput.

Increased Basket Size & Revenue - AiFi’s solution at the home stadium of the Detroit Lions found that autonomous checkout directly led to a 139% increase in store revenue, 80% increase in basket size, and a 78% increase in transactions.

Positive Brand Image - Today’s fans desire to be part of a community. Cultural gathering spaces help facilitate this. It’s spaces like these that AiFi’s tech shines, enabling fans to enjoy seamless and easy food and beverage experiences.

The Results Are In

Here are some compelling statistics showcasing the transformative impact of autonomous retail within stadiums and arenas, illuminating the rapid evolution and significance of this innovative approach to enhancing the fan experience.


Of U.S. fans buy food & drink at games and spend an average of $42/game.


Of fans said they would use a self-servicing kiosk.


Of fans would spend more on food & beverage if wait times were shorter.

"The best thing you can do for your team is be in your seat and cheering."

Steve Ballmer, Owner
LA Clippers

Delivering Value Through Autonomous Retail in Stadiums & Arenas

AiFi revolutionizes the stadium and arena experience by delivering unparalleled value through its autonomous retail solutions, enhancing convenience and efficiency for both patrons and vendors alike.

Enhanced Fan Experience

Customers enjoy a hassle-free, convenient, and cashier-less shopping experience that is available 24/7.

Operational Efficiency

AI solutions enable automated inventory management, streamlined planograms, and fast transaction processing.

Labor Optimization

Retailers reduce the need for excess staff, eliminating high labor costs and optimizing staffing resources.

Deployment is Simple


Meet with our team and design a custom-built plan tailored to your goals.


Install cameras and hardware either with AiFi’s implementation team or with external partners.


Connect software and test integrations to your other store systems.


AiFi conducts thorough testing to ensure 99% accuracy.


Train team members on new capabilities and go live.

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