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Who We Are

A global workforce of passionate doers bonded by our genuine interest in what we do – making people’s lives easier with AI.

A Global Team Focused on AI for Retail

With our HQ based in Burlingame, San Francisco and employees located across the world, AiFi prides itself in building a diverse team with a global presence.

Driven by our spirit of innovation and a can-do attitude, our team members work together to bring forward unique views on how to solve challenges and deliver the highest quality solutions to market, no matter where they are based in the world.

AiFi in Numbers


Our team is rapidly growing! The AiFi family currently consists of 128 dedicated employees and continues to grow.


AiFi extends its presence across the globe, boasting a workforce and customer base hailing from 16 countries worldwide.


AiFi embraces a global perspective, with a diverse team representing 22 different nationalities.

Find Your Fit

Not sure where you’d fit in? Explore our teams and find the best match for you.

Photo for AiFi Engineering department


Our engineering team is responsible for bringing our product vision to life. They design, develop, and maintain our platform and work closely with the product team to deliver high-quality and scalable solutions.

Photo for AiFi Product department


Our product team makes the magic happen! The team works to understand customer needs and build innovative solutions to meet those needs. They define the product roadmap, conduct market research, and manage product creation, from inception to execution.

Photo for AiFi Operations department


Our operations team is the driving force behind the successful launch of new stores. They are responsible for managing all the projects and logistics needed to get stores live. The team ensures that every aspect of the store launch runs smoothly and efficiently, and are the ones on the ground to make it happen.

Photo for AiFi Sales department


Our sales team represents AiFi to customers. The team works hard to develop and foster relationships with new prospects and existing customers, and are responsible for driving revenue growth by securing new store launches that bring AiFi to more locations.

Photo for AiFi Marketing department


Our marketing team is responsible for creating and executing marketing strategies that drive brand awareness and engagement. They craft messaging, develop campaigns, and create compelling content that the sales team leverages to build relationships with potential and existing customers.

Photo for AiFi People department


Our People Operations team is dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive, and empowering work environment for all team members at AiFi. They handle HR, payroll, benefits, and wellness programs to support and develop our team and bring our company culture to life.

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Join Our Growing Team

AiFi prides itself in diversity with team members from across the globe, bringing unique views on how to solve problems and deliver the highest quality solutions to market. View our current openings and come work with us!

AiFi Employee Benefits

Health Insurance

Proudly offering health insurance coverage as a crucial benefit, providing employees with access to medical services, prescriptions, and preventive care.

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO includes vacation days, sick leave, and holidays. This benefit allows employees to take time away from work while still receiving compensation.

Retirement Plans

Employer-sponsored retirement plans, such as 401(k) or pension plans, help employees save for their future by contributing a portion of their income to a retirement fund.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Flexible work hours or remote work options can enhance work-life balance, providing employees with the flexibility to manage their professional and personal responsibilities more effectively.

Professional Development Opportunities

Proudly offering training programs, workshops, and tuition reimbursement to support employees' professional growth and skill development.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

EAPs often provide confidential counseling and support services to help employees manage personal or work-related challenges, promoting overall well-being.

What Our Employees Say

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