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Making the Dining Experience Better at Universities
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Autonomous Retail Solutions for Universities

With Aifi, navigating campus dining has never been easier or more enjoyable. With a dedicated store app, entry to campus convenience stores becomes effortless, enhancing efficiency and convenience for students and staff alike.

Why Aifi Is a Great Fit for Universities

Optimized Labor




Easy Daily Maintenance

Today’s College Student is

Students have a lot to cram into their schedules between long classes, schoolwork, jobs, clubs, and social activities.

Students can’t even find time to eat – many prefer to trade in the time spent standing in line to purchase food for study time

Poor nutrition can negatively impact learning and memory

Eating well and regularly are key to being able to perform academically

The Results Are In

The University of San Diego and The University of Denver are among the early adopters of AiFi for campus dining and retail, and their reported data yields transformative results.


Number of customers in the first 3 months.


Of first-time customers become repeat customers.


Total trip time for customers. In, out, and on their way!

Delivering Value On Campus Through Autonomous Retail

AiFi makes retail and dining experiences better at colleges and universities.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers enjoy a hassle-free, convenient, and cashier-less shopping experience that is available 24/7.

Operational Efficiency

AI solutions enable automated inventory management, streamlined planograms, and fast transaction processing.

Labor Optimization

Retailers reduce the need for excess staff, eliminating high labor costs and optimizing staffing resources.

Deployment is Simple


Meet with our team and design a custom-built plan tailored to your goals.


Install cameras and hardware either with AiFi’s implementation team or with external partners.


Connect software and test integrations to your other store systems.


AiFi conducts thorough testing to ensure 99% accuracy.


Train team members on new capabilities and go live.

Latest University Store Openings

Discover the cutting-edge retail experience with AiFi. Here are the latest stores now leveraging our innovative technology.

AiFi at The University of San Diego

University of San Diego


Photo of AiFi at University of Denver

University of Denver


What Our Customers Say

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