University of Denver

University of Denver

AiFi is Proud to Partner With The University of Denver.

The University of Denver partnered with AiFi to bring autonomous checkout to campus. Located in Centennial Halls and Nelson Hall, University of Denver's Corner Stores, powered by AiFi, help students enjoy an effortless shopping experience right from the comfort of the residence halls on campus. The Corner Stores are seamless, cashier-less markets featuring a massive selection of ready-made, fresh and shelf-stable foods as well as home goods, personal needs and more.

University of Denver

Why Aifi Was a Perfect Fit

Optimized Labor




Easy Daily Maintenance

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The Results Are In

Since opening, Nelson Hall at University of Denver immediately saw the following metrics:


Number of customers in the first 3 months.


Reallocation of labor from stocking to preparing fresh meals.


Increase in shoppers. Reallocating labor to provide freshly prepared meals has led to a more customers, higher satisfaction, and improved retention.

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