5 Examples of Cashierless Checkout Done Right at Stadiums

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5 Examples of Cashierless Checkout Done Right at Stadiums

Dive into what cashierless checkout is, how it works, and why it’s important to have it at stadiums. Plus! Explore 5 autonomous stores doing it right.

According to Oracle, “45% of sports fans have abandoned concession lines at least once in the last year because the wait was too long.” Yet, “over 70% of US fans buy food and drink at games and spend an average of $42/game.”

A lack of concessions sales is not a telltale sign that fans don’t want to purchase snacks and beverages at games. Instead, it’s a sign that the concessions checkout process needs revamping. In fact, 59% of fans would spend more at concessions if wait times were shorter!

So what can stadium owners and management do to improve the concessions experience for fans? Implement cashierless checkout. And we’re not just talking about self-checkout kiosk options. In this article, we’ll dive into what cashierless checkout is, how it works, and why it’s important to have it at stadiums, arenas, and other event venues. We’ll also take a close look at the top 5 examples of cashierless concessions at stadiums across the globe.

What is Cashierless Checkout?

Cashierless checkout enables shoppers to purchase items in-store without having to wait in line or stop to scan and pay. It requires AI-powered computer vision, which leverages machines to interpret and understand visual data gathered from their environment. By using algorithms and machine learning, computer vision technology can analyze, recognize, and extract valuable information from digital images or videos in real time. As such, it can identify items a person takes off a shelf and accurately charge them for it upon exiting the store.

That’s right, cashierless checkout allows shoppers to choose the items they want to purchase and simply walk out of the store with a receipt sent to them in minutes via SMS or email.

With AiFi’s autonomous store solutions, fans are able to get the items they need and get back to their seats in just three steps:

  • Shoppers can enter the store quickly with their credit card or an app.
  • AI-powered computer vision begins anonymized shopper tracking and recognizes products taken.
  • Shoppers can head home completely checkout-free with receipts sent directly to their phone.

For an in-depth explanation of computer vision, check out our guide, Seeing Beyond Limits for Concessions: An Exploration of Computer Vision Technology in Autonomous Stores at Parks & Stadiums.

5 Examples of Cashierless Checkout Wins at Stadiums Across the World

Now that you know how it works, let’s see a few examples of cashierless checkout in action.

1. Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

We have had the pleasure of partnering with Mercedes-Benz Stadium for a while now to provide fans with cashierless checkout options at two concession locations, ATL Market and ATL Drink Lane. To date, our AI-powered cashierless stores has helped the stadium increase:

  • Revenue by 270% vs portables prior
  • Conversion from 0.59% to 2.04% (a 3.5x increase!)
  • Repeat shoppers in both locations — ATL Market increased repeat shopper rate by 25-30% and ATL Drink Lane did the same at 40-45%

2. King Power Stadium, Leicester, England

Leicester City Football Club was the first premier league football club to implement an autonomous store serving draft beer for sports fans. Pretty cool, right? Since launching the cashierless checkout store with AiFi, King Power Stadium has:

  • Reduced transaction time from 70 seconds to 18 seconds
  • Increased repeat shoppers by 30-50% during the game
  • Reduced labor by 60%

3. Chase Center, San Francisco, CA

Powered by Verizon Business and AiFi technology, guests can tap, swipe, or insert a credit card upon entering the ampm ASAP store at Chase Center. Once they have their items, fans can walk out of the store with a receipt sent via email or SMS in minutes.

AiFi even supports discounts for Chase Card Holders at the store, such as:

  • Spend $30, get $5 back*
  • Spend $50 or more & get 20% off your entire order*

The ampm ASAP Grab and Go store uses backend store analytics and computer vision to manage stock, reduce shrinkage, improve efficiency, and reduce wait times for fans returning to the game or show.

*Discounts offered are determined by the credit card's BIN number and can be either a flat amount or a percentage off.

4. Ford Field, Detroit, Michigan

Stadiums host thousands of fans on game day, and the AiFi-powered cashierless checkout at Ford Field in Detroit has proven to be the fastest way for fans to grab their favorite snacks.

In fact, at Ford Field, AiFi reduced the average transaction and queuing time by 50%, increasing sales by 139%!

Watch the video below to hear what Detroit Lions’ fans have to say about cashierless checkout:

5. Hardrock Stadium, Miami, Florida

For two years in a row now, AiFi has powered a Verizon 5G autonomous store at the Miami International Autodrome for the Miami Grand Prix. Here’s what one fan had to say about their experience with cashierless checkout:

“That was awesome! I would [come] here before I go over there.” *Points to a typical concession stand.* “I’ll definitely come back later.”

Final Thoughts

Implementing cashierless checkout is all about improving the fan experience at stadiums. But it’s also about increasing the bottom line. At AiFi, we’re proud to work with stadiums all over the world to bring these fan-centric experiences and spaces to life. In 2024, we’ll even be launching a cashierless store at Intuit Dome, the Clippers’ new arena, set to open for the 2024-25 NBA season.

Want to increase fan satisfaction, throughput, and post-ticket sales? Get in touch with us and we’ll help you determine which of our solutions fits your needs best.

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