AiFi FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

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AiFi FAQ: Your Burning Questions Answered

Better understand AiFi, what we do, how we do it, and why, with these answers to your most pressing questions.

We often get asked the same questions repeatedly about AiFi: What is AiFi computer vision? How does AiFi work? We get it—AI-powered autonomous shopping solutions, while robust, are still relatively new to the market. And with that nuance comes a lot of curiosity.

To help you better understand AiFi, what we do, how we do it, and why, we decided to put together a list of your most pressing questions. And we’re answering them all in this article. Let’s dive in!

1. What Is Aifi?

AiFi, a globally leading AI provider, empowers retailers worldwide to scale autonomous shopping solutions with 100% computer vision. Powered by the most cost-effective and flexible method of deploying cashier-less technology solutions, our camera-first platform enables businesses to provide a frictionless checkout experience to their customers.

AiFi’s technology works through cameras and computer vision to allow quick and efficient shopping for various store formats across multiple global retail segments.

2. How Does Aifi Work?

Our camera-first frictionless checkout experience allows shoppers to purchase items in-store without having to wait in line or stop to scan and pay. The magic happens in just three steps:

  • Shoppers enter the store quickly with their credit card or an app.
  • AI-powered computer vision begins shopper tracking and recognizes products taken.
  • Shoppers head home completely checkout-free with receipts sent directly via SMS or email.

3. What Are Aifi’s Solutions?

We have three autonomous store solutions:

  • AiFi Refresh: enables retailers to affordably and quickly automate their existing stores without the need to install new shelving or disrupt the customer experience.
  • AiFi Build: a custom solution for businesses to efficiently scale their retail footprint and deploy new stores of any size while offering a fully branded experience.
  • AiFi To-Go: a fixed modular design solution that allows retailers to operate stores with no staff and increase their footprint in new, previously untapped locations, and reach a larger customer base.

4. What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence. Essentially, this technology enables machines to interpret and understand visual data gathered from their environment. It’s as if the camera is an eye and the AI platform behind the eye is a brain, turning all the images into understandable insights and data.

By using algorithms and machine learning, AiFi’s computer vision technology can analyze, recognize, and extract valuable information from digital images or videos in real-time. Yes, it’s that fast—like microseconds fast.

Learn more about our computer vision here.

5. Does Aifi Use Biometrics?

AiFi’s computer vision enables autonomous stores to track items, people, and purchases, without biometric identifiers. Our camera-first AI platform begins tracking shoppers as they enter the store using keypoint tracking technology that creates a unique individual. Keep in mind, our platform is open and we can work with partners to help customers integrate biometrics when desired.

6. How Does Aifi Ensure Customer’s Receipts Are Accurate?

AiFi’s use of camera-first computer vision leverages a smart algorithm, enabling multiple cameras to identify items taken off of shelves and accurately identify which items a person walked out of the store with. A shopper will not be charged for any item put back on the shelf. This way, the customer is charged fairly and accurately and the store is gaining the proper funds for the items removed.

Additionally, through our Store Management Portal, store operators can easily audit order details and customer receipts if necessary.

7. How Do Shoppers Pay Once They’re Done Shopping?

AiFi’s autonomous stores enable entry via a mobile app or credit card through a variety of payment providers. Upon entering the store, shoppers would scan the code on their app or swipe, insert, or tap their credit card. From there, computer vision tracks their shopping escapades and “completes” the purchase once the shopper walks out with their items in hand. The system will then automatically charge the shopper and send a receipt to them via SMS or email.

8. Is Aifi Secure?

AiFi’s autonomous technology places security at the forefront of our stores. With flexible customer entry and exit options including app and credit card platform integrations, turnstiles for gated entry, and free-standing kiosks for open or hybrid entry, AiFi enables you to customize your store to fit your unique security needs.

“From the software algorithms that drive our AI-powered systems to the hardware components that form the foundation of our autonomous stores, security is ingrained in every aspect,” says João Diogo Falcão, CTO at AiFi.

Not to mention, our partnerships with Microsoft Cloud for Retail and Verizon’s 5G network allow AiFi to ensure security at the highest level. Leveraging the robust infrastructure and advanced security features of Microsoft Cloud for Retail, we can securely store and process data, implementing industry-leading encryption and access controls. Additionally, by utilizing Verizon’s reliable and ultra-fast 5G network, we can establish secure and seamless communication between our autonomous stores and backend systems, minimizing potential vulnerabilities.

9. How Many Stores Does Aifi Have?

AiFi’s innovations have generated over 100 active stores around the globe, 20+ global retailers signed contracts, $65M in Series B funding, and 16 retail and industry investors.

10. Does Aifi Support Age-Restricted Items?

Yes! Together with Compass Group and Levy, AiFi brought autonomous shopping to Leicester City Football Club, the very first premier league football club to provide an enhanced, streamlined customer matchday refreshment journey to its fans. This is also the first autonomous store that serves draft beer!

Take a look at the brief 1-minute video of fans at the Leicester County Football Club detailing their thoughts and opinions on the first-of-its-kind autonomous store at the club.

11. Which Industries Does Aifi Serve?

Many industries can benefit from implementing our autonomous shopping solutions. A few of the best-fit industries we have the pleasure of serving are as follows:

  • Stadiums, arenas, and event venues
  • Grab and Go stores such as convenience stores
  • Amusement parks & festivals
  • Grocery stores
  • Workplaces, office buildings
  • Travel locations such as airports and hotel
  • Universities and colleges

Learn more about the industries we serve and discover customer success stories in the article, 7 Industry Verticals Perfectly Suited for Autonomous Stores.

12. Which Companies Does Aifi Partner With?

We partner with top connectivity and technology providers to guarantee the utmost accuracy and efficiency in every store launch.

Our partnerships with companies including Verizon, Microsoft, HP, Nvidia, and Qualcomm enable our clients to leverage robust infrastructures and exclusively deploy certified, high-quality equipment. Learn more about our partnerships here.

Final Thoughts

Still have questions? We’d love to answer them.

Contact us to learn more about AiFi and how together we can build an efficient and cost-effective shopping solution for your business.

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