7 Industry Verticals Perfectly Suited for Autonomous Stores

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7 Industry Verticals Perfectly Suited for Autonomous Stores

Is it true that autonomous stores and associated solutions fit more than just a few industry verticals? Yes! Continue reading to discover the top 7 verticals that benefit from autonomous solutions.

Autonomous stores, powered by advanced technologies including computer vision and artificial intelligence, are revolutionizing the retail landscape. These innovative establishments offer convenience, efficiency, and personalized experiences to customers while streamlining operations for businesses.

And today, convenience is a top-tier priority for shoppers in nearly every setting. According to a recent study, 63% of people believe convenience is essential and 66% would spend more if their purchasing process was more convenient. Autonomous stores provide shoppers with the ability to:

  • Enter a store with a credit card, e-wallet, or app
  • Get the items they need without waiting in line
  • Exit with an accurate receipt sent via email or SMS within minutes

But is it true that autonomous solutions fit more than just a few industry verticals? Yes! In this blog, we’ll explore seven industry verticals that are exceptionally well-suited for the implementation of autonomous stores. Let’s begin!

1. Stadiums Benefits from Autonomous Stores' Speed

There’s not much better than attending your favorite sporting event, grabbing a drink & hot dog combo, and watching your home team win. But the last thing you want to do is spend a large portion of the game waiting at the concession stand. 30% of global fans believe “being able to stay in their seat is the most important way to improve the food and beverage experience at the stadium, closely followed by faster transaction times.”

In fact, 59% of fans would spend more on food & beverage if wait times were shorter. Autonomous stores speed up concessions and enable fans to get the items they need and get back to their seats in record time. 

Take a look at how AiFi’s autonomous store maximizes the fan experience at Leicester City Football Club.

Grab-N-Go Stores Gain Greater Convenience & Cost-Savings

C-store leaders can be hesitant to introduce autonomous retail to their existing stores or open a new store because of the perceived high costs and technological requirements. However, these challenges can be easily overcome with AiFi’s camera-only autonomous store solution. With an array of non-proprietary, commercially available cameras and advanced AI algorithms, retailers can easily add a layer of intelligence to their existing stores without large hardware investments.

As a matter of fact, autonomous stores have the potential to nearly double profit margins compared to traditional retail stores. Plus, with the right technology like computer vision, the worry about retail shrink is mitigated as the shopper data provides store managers with insights into customer behavior. These insights help to identify high-risk areas, times, or products.

Check out AiFi’s autonomous solutions at Dollar General in Banner Elk, NC, and Goodlettsville, TN. 

3. Amusement Parks & Festivals Are More Fun with Autonomous Solutions

Lines at amusement parks and festivals should be reserved for rides only. Don’t you agree? Waiting on long food and beverage lines is a major inconvenience and hinders the park or event-goer’s experience. According to Oracle, the maximum acceptable waiting time to purchase food and beverages is just 10 minutes. A quick and seamless checkout process enables event goers to save time, and actually enjoy their time at the festival or amusement park.

See AiFi To-Go (a pop-up autonomous store, great for festivals and events) in action as it powered a Verizon 5G autonomous store at the Miami International Autodrome for the 2023 Miami Grand Prix earlier this year in our blog.

4. Convention Center Retail Locations Become Streamlined and Efficient

Even with highly optimized operational processes, inventories change and staff members must consistently and accurately plan, update, and follow their planograms. Operational tools built specifically for unique business layouts and inventory management needs can make it easy for businesses to keep abreast of changing SKUs and inventory levels. This is especially the case for retailers at convention centers.

The right autonomous store solutions, such as AiFi’s Operations App ensures that an autonomous store at a convention center is always ready for customers by alerting staff members when products are misplaced or when inventory changes require them to manage and update their planograms.

AiFi has enabled Sodexo Live! stores to introduce autonomous shopping journeys to their customers at convention centers. View Sodexo Live! stores at Salt Palace and Mountain America Expo Center.

5. Workplaces Stay Productive and Employees Remain Happy

In-office workplaces require quick access to snacks and beverages for a brief break in between meetings or projects. Busy employees don’t want to be bogged down and waste half their break in line for food. Instead, an autonomous store placed within a shared office space, such as a lobby, allows businesses to cater to busy workers with limited time on their hands while optimizing sales during rush hours.

But don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the successful autonomous stores located in office spaces for Flutter, in Ireland, Microsoft HQ, in Washington, and Verizon Headquarters in Boston and New Jersey.

6. Travel Locations Take Flight with Autonomous Stores

Is waiting in a long line to get a Snickers bar and a bottle of water worth missing your train? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a snack at any time of the day or night at your hotel, regardless of whether a store associate was present? Autonomous stores ensure you can quickly get the items you need and get back to your travel adventures in minutes—sometimes even seconds.

Solutions like AiFi To-Go, allow stores to operate unattended 24/7 catering to shoppers at all hours of the day and ensuring products are always available to them, even in remote locations.

Check out AiFi’s 436-square-foot autonomous store, ServiceStore, in Berlin’s Ostbahnhof Deutsche Bahn railway station and discover how it caters to busy commuters on the go 24/7. 

7. University Students Love the Easy Access to a Quick Bite to Eat Before Class

Autonomous stores on university campuses are effectively addressing the challenge of providing students with access to nutritious food and essential items at any hour of the day. These efficient stores enhance the fast-campus shopping experience by operating with minimal staff and extended hours, resulting in increased sales during less busy periods. It’s a win for the university, and a win for the students!

Check out our autonomous store at the University of Denver and read about the recently opened University of San Diego store.

Final Thoughts

Autonomous stores fueled by cutting-edge technologies like AI and computer vision have ushered in a new era for retail in multiple industries. From stadiums enhancing fan experiences to grocery stores streamlining operations, autonomous stores are continuing to prove their adaptability and value.

Overall, it’s clear that autonomous stores are reshaping the way we shop. AiFi is leading this movement, having opened over 150 autonomous stores to date. Experience shopping made better; watch our brief video to see how AiFi’s computer vision and keypoint tracking technology work to create a unique, 100% anonymous individual. Also keep in mind, AiFi’s platform is open and we can work with partners to help customers integrate biometrics when desired.

Get in touch with us to discuss how you can retrofit an existing store or build a new one from the ground up with AiFi.

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