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Photo of Stadium Business Summit 2023

LA Clippers & AiFi Discuss Intuit Dome Fan Experience at Stadium Business Summit 2023

In this article, Rehman Mohammed, AiFi's General Manager of the UK, Ireland, Baltics & Nordics details his experience at the Stadium Business Summit 2023. He provides a brief synopsis of his Fireside Chat with George Hanna, the Clippers' CTO, and shares key takeaways he learned at the event. This year's...
Photo of Store Openings in Abu Dhabi

Exploring New Frontiers: AiFi’s Recent Autonomous Store Openings in Abu Dhabi & the Deutsche Bahn Railway

In June 2023, we launched two new stores: one in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, and the other in Berlin, Germany. Continue reading to learn about the grand openings. The world is currently in an era of rapid retail innovation and, thus, traditional shopping experiences are being redefined every day....
Photo of Microsoft and Verizon

Revolutionizing Store Operations: AiFi’s Powerful Synergy with Microsoft and Verizon

AiFi's AI-powered autonomous store solutions are redefining the retail landscape. How? By harnessing the combined power of Microsoft's robust infrastructure and Verizon's top-tier connectivity. In the dynamic world of retail, staying ahead of the competition requires a strategic combination of cutting-edge technology, seamless operations, and unwavering efficiency. This is especially...
Photo of Frictionless Checkout

4 Myths About Frictionless Checkout… Debunked!

Considering implementing a frictionless checkout solution but feeling skeptical about its benefits? We're debunking the top 4 myths to ease your mind. Are you skeptical about frictionless checkout? You're not alone! As frictionless checkout continues to gain popularity, myths about the technology have emerged.  People often assume that shoppers would...
Photo of Convenience Store with AiFi

Unlocking Growth Potential: A Quick-Step Guide to Building an Autonomous Convenience Store with AiFi

The number of autonomous stores worldwide is expected to grow to 12,000 by 2027. Continue reading to find out why. Did you know autonomous stores have the potential to nearly double profit margins compared to traditional retail stores? It's true! And when 66% of shoppers say they'd spend more if...
Photo of Autonomous Stores Safe

Securing the Future of Retail: Tips for Keeping Autonomous Stores Safe

The future of retail is autonomous. However, with the benefits of autonomy come unique security risks that must be addressed in order to ensure a safe shopping experience for both customers and store owners. It's no secret autonomous stores are quickly becoming a popular choice for retailers looking to streamline...
Photo of Stadiums

The Ultimate Triple Play: 3 Aspects Autonomous Stores Need to Have in Stadiums to Maximize Revenue Growth

Shorter lines + better customer experiences = increased revenue. Autonomous stores in stadiums are changing the game for fans purchasing their favorite snacks and beverages at an event. Let's be real-the last thing any fan wants to do at a game is spend too much time waiting in line for...
Photo of Miami Grand Prix

Revving Up the Shopping Experience: AiFi’s Autonomous Store at the 2023 Miami Grand Prix

AiFi powered a Verizon 5G autonomous store at the Miami International Autodrome for the 2023 Miami Grand Prix on May 5-7 for the second year in a row. "The fast and the furious" expression is taking on a whole new meaning as AiFi powered a Verizon 5G autonomous store at...
Photo of Store Infographic

Exploring the Shopper’s Journey in an Autonomous Store [Infographic]

80% of consumers rate speed and convenience as the top two most vital elements of a positive customer experience. What does this mean for the future of retail? The future of retail is autonomous. According to PwC, approximately 80% of consumers rate speed and convenience as the top two most...

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