A Recap of the AiFi Team’s Experience at the Atrium User Conference & Sports Business Journal Tech Week

A Recap of the AiFi Team's Experience at the Atrium User Conference & Sports Business Journal Tech Week

A Recap of the AiFi Team’s Experience at the Atrium User Conference & Sports Business Journal Tech Week

In the quest to shape the future of retail technology, AiFi has emerged as a trailblazer, captivating audiences at two recent high-profile events: the Atrium User Conference in Tempe, Arizona, and Sports Business Journal Tech Week in New York, New York.

These gatherings served as the perfect stage for AiFi to showcase our groundbreaking solutions, which are redefining the retail experience across both higher education and sports venues.

AiFi at Atrium: A New Era of Campus Convenience

The AiFi team recently attended the Atrium User Conference in sunny Tempe, Arizona, where our booth was a hub of activity over the course of the three-day event. Attendees were eager to discover how our innovative retail technology revolutionizes campus life.

AiFi’s Impact at Atrium

We showcased engaging videos and case studies highlighting our successful projects in higher education. Many campuses have either considered or implemented some form of self-checkout or autonomous shopping. AiFi's solutions represent a tangible way forward in campus innovation. 

Through real-life success stories like the University of San Diego and the University of Denver, we've seen firsthand the transformative power of AiFI's frictionless checkout. From reducing wait times and increasing student satisfaction to optimizing operational efficiency and driving revenue growth, the benefits are clear.

Challenges and Conversations

The higher education landscape is changing, and institutions are encountering numerous challenges that require innovative solutions. The recent Atrium event shed light on these issues and sparked valuable discussions on how retail technology, particularly autonomous systems, can offer much-needed upgrades.

Staffing Woes: The difficulty of staffing campus locations around the clock was a recurring theme, and many saw a 24/7 autonomous solution as a game-changer.

Theft Issues: An uptick in thefts at self-checkout locations has led to closures, prompting discussions on how retail technology can balance convenience and security.

Techie Students: As students increasingly embrace technology, the demand for automation and innovative solutions on campus is growing.

Key Takeaways

The Mobile Movement: Students crave a cohesive mobile experience.

A Tech-Forward Campus: The need for new technologies, like autonomous stores, is more pronounced than ever in the realm of higher education.

Unified Administration: Simplifying administrative processes and integrating new technologies is crucial for creating a seamless campus operational environment.

Booming Attendance: Campus life is vibrant, with attendance reaching pre-COVID levels. There’s a definite excitement for enriched, tech-enabled student experiences.

Looking forward, the conversations held in Tempe are just the beginning. AiFi is poised to address the challenges faced by higher education with solutions that bridge convenience and security, meeting the tech-centric desires of today's students.

AiFi at Sports Business Journal Tech Week: Revolutionizing the Stadium Experience

The sports industry is experiencing a transformative era, and this year's Sports Business Journal Tech Week was the perfect stage for AiFi to steal the spotlight. As teams and venues work tirelessly to enhance the fan experience and stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly digital landscape, our presence at SBJ Week made it crystal clear that there's nobody doing what AiFi is doing.

“There’s Nobody Doing What AiFi is Doing”

At this year's Sports Business Journal Week, AiFi's presence was not just felt, but talked about, echoing the sentiment that "there's nobody doing what AiFi is doing."

In a week filled with insider talk and industry buzz, AiFi stood out as a beacon of innovation. We worked closely with Wicket to showcase how facial recognition technology can enhance the customer experience.

The anticipation surrounding AiFi's role in powering concessions at the upcoming Intuit Dome was palpable. Attendees were keen to learn more about how our retail technology could streamline their stadium experiences, keeping their eyes riveted on what's to come.

Challenges and Conversations

Enhancing the Event Experience: The event experience needs to be about more than just reducing wait times; it should enhance the entire atmosphere. AiFi's retail technology is positioned as a significant player in this transformation. We're looking at the broader picture, where every minute spared in a concession line is another minute that fans can be captivated by the live action, engage with fellow fans, and enjoy the stadium's unique ambience.

The Comfort of Home vs. The Allure of Live Events: Watching a game from the comfort of one's living room is a strong contender against live attendance. High-definition TVs, surround sound systems, and the convenience of home can make the prospect of attending a live event less appealing. 

The Intuit Dome: With AiFi set to power concessions at the new Intuit Dome, the industry's eyes are on us. There's a sense of anticipation for how autonomous technology can streamline operations and elevate the game-day experience. It's a thrilling time, and the attention we received at SBJ is a testament to AiFi's growing name recognition.

Key Takeaways

  1. Retail Technology = The Game Changer: The sports industry is keenly interested in adopting innovative technologies like AiFi's to enhance the fan experience.
  2. Importance of Fan Experience: The industry consensus is that improving the overall event atmosphere, including reducing wait times, is crucial for increasing live event attendance.


“SBJ Tech Week offered a unique opportunity to be around industry leaders and understand the emerging trends that are most important to them. The conversations I had throughout the week reiterated that we have the right product at the right time.”

- Brad Putch, Strategic Account Manager at AiFi

Final Thoughts

AiFi is leading the charge in changing how we shop, both at school and at stadiums. Our retail technology is making shopping easier and more secure, and people are taking notice. The excitement from the Atrium User Conference and Sports Business Journal Tech Week shows that the future of shopping is already here.

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