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Photo of a consumer shopping

The Appeal of Omnichannel Retail and How Retailers Can Embrace the Transition for Physical Retail

The exponential growth of e-commerce made it seem like traditional retail was on the brink of extinction. However, the rise...
Photo of a product store

Retail Tech Innovation Hub – Aifi Launches the First Autonomous Store in Japan With Cainz Corporation

Photo of autonomous stores

Venture Beat – Aifi Opens 80 Computer Vision-Powered Autonomous Stores, an Industry Benchmark for Platform Scalability

Photo of 50 nano stores

Retail Tech Innovation Hub – ŻAbka Group Hits Milestone of 50 Aifi-Powered Autonomous Nano Stores, Now the Largest Network Worldwide.


Retail Tech Innovation Hub – Aifi Powers Autonomous Store at Formula 1 Miami Grand Prix

Photo of WSJ PRO

WSJ – Aifi Raises $65 Million From Tech Giants and Grocery Chains

Harnessing the Power of AI to Make Shopping Better for Everybody