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Designed with flexibility at the forefront, our technology empowers retailers with the tools they need to scale their business. As the industry leader with the largest global autonomous store network, AiFi’s solutions support any store format, anywhere.

AiFi Redefines The Retail Experience for Grab & Go, Stadiums, Arenas, Universities, Workplaces and Beyond

Maximize Your Store Layout

Optimize a store layout by leveraging advanced analytics and real-time data to identify high-traffic areas, customer preferences, and product placement strategies, elevating the overall shopping experience and maximizing sales potential.

Enhance Customer Experience

AiFi enhances customer experiences by utilizing advanced AI technologies to personalize interactions, streamline processes, and anticipate customer needs, leading to a more seamless and satisfying shopping journey.

Inventory Optimization

Revolutionize inventory optimization with real-time analytics to precisely forecast demand, minimize stockouts, reduce excess inventory, and enhance operational efficiency.

Latest Store Openings

Discover the cutting-edge retail experience with AiFi. Here are the latest stores now leveraging our innovative technology.


Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia

Stadiums & Arenas

Photo of AiFi at Parken Stadium in Copenhagen

Parken Stadium

Stadiums & Arenas

Photo of Brighton Hove Albion store with AiFi technology

Brighton & Hove Albion

Stadiums & Arenas

AiFi is Powered by Industry Leaders

Verizon logo


Connectivity Partner

AiFi uses Verizon’s 5G network to power NanoStore deployments and deliver a bundled solution that is easily deployed at any indoor or outdoor location. The addition of Verizon’s MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) eliminates the need for traditional servers which reduce hardware and maintenance costs by 60% compared to other autonomous shopping solutions.

Microsoft logo


Cloud Partner

Microsoft Azure is AiFi’s cloud service provider of choice creating flexibility and infrastructure optimization for stores. Fast, remote data access and retail space savings are just some of the benefits Azure provides for autonomous stores.

Powerful AI-Powered Experiences Built to Scale Across All Verticals

As the industry leader with the largest global autonomous store network, AiFi offers 3 products in multiple formats.

AiFi Refresh

Retrofit an existing store with minimal downtime and customizable entrance options.

AiFi Refresh enables retailers to affordably and quickly automate their existing stores without the need to install new shelving or disrupt the customer experience.

Photo of AiFi Refresh
Photo of AiFi Build

AiFi Build

Install AiFi’s AI-powered frictionless checkout platform in new retail locations and design your store format for maximum efficiency.

AiFi Build is a custom solution for businesses with a goal of efficiently scaling their retail footprint and deploying new stores of any size while offering a fully branded experience.

AiFi To-Go

Drop a fully assembled, portable store that is customized to match your needs and brand in any commercial space.

AiFi To-Go is a fixed modular design solution that allows retailers to operate stores with no staff and increase their footprint in new, previously untapped locations and reach a larger customer base.

Photo of an AiFi To Go installation

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