How Autonomous Shopping Solutions Amplify the Amusement Park Experience

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How Autonomous Shopping Solutions Amplify the Amusement Park Experience

Uncover the magic behind autonomous shopping solutions and how they contribute to a more memorable and seamless visit to the amusement park.

What’s better than the atmosphere of an amusement park? The smell of cotton candy filling the air. The happy screams of park attendees having a blast on the rollercoaster. But wait, what’s that? An egregiously long line at the concession stand, keeping everyone away from all the fun.

Long lines are the bane of any park guest’s experience. Even 45% of sports fans have abandoned concession lines at least once in the last year because the wait was too long. In fact, 59% would spend more on food and beverages if wait times were shorter.

Abandoned concession lines + less money spent on food and beverage = revenue loss.

So what can amusement park management do to maximize profits at concessions while simultaneously boosting the guest experience? The answer lies in autonomous shopping solutions. In true amusement park fashion, we’ll uncover the magic behind these autonomous systems, providing insights into their implementation, benefits, and how they contribute to a more memorable and seamless visit to the amusement park—without the long lines at concessions.

What is Autonomous Shopping?

Autonomous shopping solutions enable shoppers to purchase items in-store without having to wait in line or stop to scan and pay. And this technology is the perfect solution for hastening concessions experiences at amusement parks. Wondering how it works? Below is a brief explanation of how AiFi’s autonomous solutions work at parks.

1. Easy Entry

Amusement park guests can enter the store quickly with their credit card—all they need to do is tap or insert their card in the system at the point of entrance. AiFi’s autonomous stores can accommodate many different points of entry—from gates and doors to turnstiles. Once inside the store, guests can begin their shopping escapades.

2. Seamless Shopping

AI-powered computer vision begins anonymized shopper tracking and recognizes products taken. AiFi’s camera-first AI platform begins tracking guests as they enter the store using keypoint tracking technology that creates a unique, 100% anonymous individual. It’s important to note that our platform is open and we can work with partners to help customers integrate biometrics when desired.

3. Frictionless Checkout

Guests walk out of the store with their items, completely checkout-free, with receipts sent directly to them via SMS or email. Our cameras identify items guests interact with and ensure all shoppers are charged accurately for their items.

Autonomous shopping systems allow shoppers to choose the items they want to purchase and simply walk out of the store. The system then automatically charges the shopper and sends a receipt via SMS or email. No more long lines, no hassle, and no clunky checkout process. It’s every amusement park guests’ dream—with the exception of the stomach drop feeling experienced on the most thrilling rides.

The Ultimate Park Experience

Autonomous shopping solutions are rewriting the rules of convenience and enjoyment within amusement parks. With hassle-free concessions, these cutting-edge innovations are revolutionizing the way park guests enjoy their favorite attractions with little disruptions.

Even parks such as Disneyland are leveraging computer vision technology to improve the guest experience at various touch points in the park:

  • Live wait time estimates for rides (based on computer vision’s ability to track throughput)
  • Heat map building and tracking to avoid bottlenecking and congested areas
  • Guest counts through each storefront, ride, and kiosk to identify hot spot areas and areas that might need improvement to attract more guests

If computer vision can improve all these aspects (and many more) at amusement parks, why would park owners sleep on autonomous shopping solutions that leverage computer vision and improve the concessions experience?

The answer? They wouldn’t. Any park owner looking to bolster the guest experience and increase post-ticket sales would implement autonomous shopping systems at various concession locations in their park. Here’s why:

The Benefits of Autonomous Shopping for Amusement Park Guests:
  • Improved guest experience with concessions that are available 24/7 (without needing assistance from a store associate)
  • Guests can grab the food and beverages they need and leave the store without having to stop to scan and pay
  • Guests are able to get back to the fun faster, spending more time enjoying rides and shows, and less time waiting on line
The Benefits of Autonomous Shopping for Amusement Park Owners & Management:
  • Reduced labor and operational costs
  • Optimized shop layouts to maximize inventory and product displays
  • Park management is equipped with in-store shopping analytics to further optimize planograms, layouts, and product placements
  • Boosted post-ticket sales and increased foot traffic and park visits

Final Thoughts

AI-driven autonomous shopping technology has a transformative impact on the amusement park experience. According to Oracle, the maximum acceptable waiting time to purchase food and beverages is just 10 minutes. With AiFi’s autonomous shopping solutions, park guests will be in and out of the store in minutes—and oftentimes, mere seconds. 

Interested in learning more about AiFi and how our technology can help you improve your guests’ experiences and boost revenue? Get in touch with us.

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