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Unlocking Growth Potential: A Quick-Step Guide to Building an Autonomous Convenience Store with AiFi

The number of autonomous stores worldwide is expected to grow to 12,000 by 2027. Continue reading to find out why.

Did you know autonomous stores have the potential to nearly double profit margins compared to traditional retail stores? It’s true! And when 66% of shoppers say they’d spend more if it means their purchase will be more convenient, it’s no surprise that autonomous retail is growing at a rapid rate across the globe. In fact, the number of autonomous stores worldwide is expected to grow to 12,000 by 2027

Convenience stores (c-stores), in particular, benefit greatly from implementing autonomous shopping solutions as:

  • AI solutions enable automated inventory management, streamlined planograms, and fast transaction processing
  • Retailers reduce the need for excess staff, eliminating high labor costs and optimizing staffing resources
  • Customers enjoy a hassle-free, convenient, and cashierless shopping experience that is available 24/7

The introduction and evolution of computer vision technology has made it simple for businesses to add a layer of sophisticated retail technology over their existing stores or launch entirely new stores with minimal business disruption. In our latest guide, we’re providing step-by-step instructions on how to do both seamlessly with AiFi.


Autonomous stores are becoming an integral part of the retail ecosystem. C-stores that adopt autonomous technology can easily deliver greater convenience to their customers while improving operational efficiency and labor optimization. In an increasingly competitive business environment, these advantages could be the difference between having a successful retail business and being pushed out by the competition.

In our quick-step guide, Capitalizing on Convenience: A Quick-Step Guide to Launching a Successful Autonomous C-Store with AiFi, we explore how to capitalize on AiFi’s autonomous technology, including computer vision, to launch a successful autonomous c-store. 

Download your copy of the guide to learn: 

  • 3 reasons modern c-store businesses should embrace autonomous retail
  • 4 ways retailers can easily launch an autonomous store with AiFi 
  • Which AiFi layout suits your c-store’s (& your customers’) needs best
  • The autonomous store 5-step deployment process

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With three comprehensive autonomous convenience store solutions, AiFi is customizable from layout to the integrative software and hardware needed to:

  • Optimize your floor plan and planograms
  • Address your business goals and needs
  • Surpass your customers’ expectations
  • Drive revenue growth and increase scalability

Learn how AiFi’s autonomous retail offerings can help you launch your own store with minimal fuss. Request a demo today to get started.