The Platform making
AI retail possible

AiFi’s OASIS Platform uses machine learning and computer vision to
enable autonomous stores at any location.

How OASIS* Works

Designed with flexibility and scalability in mind, it seamlessly handles all retail needs from providing
a seamless shopping experience to back store analytics to optimize profitability and productivity.

Shopper Experience
Backend Analytics

Flexible Shopper Journeys

AiFi offers hybrid shopping and several entry options to help you create a unique shopping experience for your store. The hybrid solution allows shoppers to checkout with a cashier or enjoy a contactless, checkout free experience with our computer vision technology.

Located at the store entrance requiring customers to check-in before entering the store for secure 24/7 shopping.
Placed inside the store for customers to check-in to the autonomous shopping experience upon entry or when exiting the store.
Door Lock
Placed outside the store to allow for easy and secure entry when staff isn’t present in addition to regular shopping hours.
Easily Integrates
with Existing Systems
Do you already have a very intricate system built for Inventory Management? Amazing! We have a suite of APIs ready to synchronise our systems.
Let your customers pay the way they want to. We have pre-built integrations and support for payment methods like Visa, Mastercard, Stripe, Adyen, and many more!
Display the right price in the right place, every time. Digital labels instantly update when you change your pricing or planogram.
And More to come...
Customer Testimonial
Head E-Commerce & Digital, Carrefour
“We believe AiFi is well-positioned as the leading platform in the space.”​
CFO, Zabka
“We are looking forward to opening 100+ stores with AiFi within 2 years.“
President Loop Neighborhood
“The fast, frictionless process is delightful and helps customers get what they need to move on with their day. We’re thrilled to be introducing this new approach to our customers and working with AiFi to make that happen”.

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