02 /03

Loop is an all in one convenience store and marketplace.The first Loop store
opened in Santa Clara in June 2013 and has now expanded to over 120 stores
throughout NorCal


Loop is committed to serving their community and wanted to strengthen customer relationships by making products available 24/7 without increasing overhead costs.


Loop Neighborhood Market


Campbell, CA




250 sq.ft

Deploy a Store

AiFi deployed a fully autonomous NanoStore which is able to remain unattended for 24/7 shopper convenience. Low inventory notifications are sent to staff members to ensure products are always available and AI powered analysts help optimize the product mix.

“The fast, frictionless process is delightful and helps customers get what they need to move on with their day. We’re thrilled to be introducing this new approach to our
customers and working with AiFi to make that happen.”

Varish Goyal, President, Loop Neighborhood

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