03 /06

AiFi partnered with Verizon and IMS to deploy the first 5G powered
autonomous store at one of the largest sporting events in the world:
Indianapolis 500


Guests were able to purchase an assortment of snacks, beverages, and Indy 500 merchandise using AiFi’s portable computer vision enabled NanoStore.




Indianapolis, IN




250 sq.ft

​AiFi partnered with Verizon and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway to deploy the first 5G powered autonomous NanoStore. The 5G connectivity allowed placement anywhere within the stadium grounds for maximum foot traffic and visibility. The store served hundreds of guests with transactions peaking at almost 200 delivered receipts per hour to generate an ROI 4x greater than the store operating cost in a single day. ​

“The NanoStore provides a completely new and futuristic shopping experience for attendees. We’re excited to work with AiFi and Verizon to ensure the best possible customer service with this unique store.”

Rebecca Ruselink, CIO, Penske Entertainment

Customer Testimonial
VP Sales, Verizon
“Giving race fans the ability to experience the power of Verizon 5G through AiFi’s autonomous shopping is an exciting moment for us. AiFi shares that same passion and have been amazing partners in making this autonomous shopping experience come to life.”

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